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If asked most people will not get too excited about a subject that contains the words “data” and “regulations” no matter how general they are. So maybe the EU General Data Protection Regulations has an uphill PR battle on its hands.

Maybe the… “Don’t let those faceless bureaucratic and government departments and corporate giants take your private information to exploit, miss handle, lose or mess up and cause all sorts of problems for you Regulation “ was not going to catch on in the European Commission. But it may have got more attention certainly.

For the more financially minded (especially at board level) an alternative title could have been “Possible €20million or 4% of global group turnover at risk Regulation” would get more attention. Whist taking a negative angle it certainly gets attention.

There is a lot of good contained in the GDPR regulations that most people would welcome, or even expect as part of a service from a reputable company. They are in some ways the minimum we should be aiming for already. If you care about customers you need to care about their data.

In this webinar we will learn how you can get the benefits of GDPR for your services and avoid the negative parts.

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  1. Very relevant information, helped me understand consumer rights with the new GDPR coming into force.