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The UK public will be queuing up to get their personal data edited or deleted once GDPR comes into force.

GDPR will give all EU citizens greater rights over their personal data, including a right to ask for their data to be edited or deleted – as part of a so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ or ‘right to erasure’.

Businesses should now brace themselves for exactly what this means and how much it will cost them.

A survey by Crown Records Management, revealed some stunning results when it comes to how many people could ask for their data to be removed or altered. And it seems those living in Manchester are some of the most determined to protect their data.

Discover the cities your customers are based to determine who wants their personal data edited or deleted in the infographic below.

CRM UKINE GDPR Consumer Survey regional Infographic - UK public

GDPR is not only about avoiding big fines but also how you can benefit from the changes.
Prepare with 10 ways to make GDPR work for your business.

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