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GDPR top tips

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Ten Top GDPR Tips

By David Fathers

10 top tips on how to make GDPR work for your business 1. Undertake a comprehensive data audit of all […]

Information Governance

10 reasons why data is kept unnecessarily

By Andrew Ryan

There are many reasons why companies refuse to delete or destroy data, even if it’s of no use to them. […]

Active Digital Preservation

5 biggest challenges businesses could face

By Dominic Johnstone

A peek into the future As the digital explosion continues – reports suggest the digital universe is doubling every two […]


Improve Productivity

10 tips to prepare the NHS for a paperless future

By Dominic Johnstone

Although Jeremy Hunt has remained optimistic about the ‘paperless NHS’ target of 2020 set out in the NHS Five Year […]

Improve Productivity

15 Most Exciting Gadgets Launching In 2017

By Andrew Ryan

With all the new technology arising and new agile ways of working staff can now access more information anywhere and […]