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Who is protecting your CIO and Data Protection Officer?

The responsibility for corporate information is a dubious honour! Too cautious and you’re accused of hampering business, too cavalier and you’re exposed to the full weight of regulation.

Striking a balance between your business objectives – using information to your advantage, or reducing cost – and the need for compliance is a challenge not to be met single handed.

Understanding privacy and the flow of information
As regulations become more focused on privacy the risk of breach and costly penalties loom larger. We will help you to understand what information you have, where it is stored and how it flows through and beyond the organisation.

We’ll help you to secure your organisation and the information it relies on, developing effective policies and practices, and building support for your role in the business:

Training your people on new legislation such as the new EU General Data Protection Regulation
Helping you understand what information you have and where
Preparing new policies or revising current ones
Providing cost efficiencies and reducing risk
Supporting your position as the Data Protection Officer

Information Governance as a Service
Aware of the need for a practical as well as a compliant approach, Crown provide the objectivity to assess the effectiveness of your Information Governance environment, whilst also supporting your organisation’s strategic vision.

We’ll help you achieve the maximum benefit from information governance best practices from a legal perspective whilst improving the value of your information assets.

For highly qualified expertise at substantially lower cost than employing or taking on contract staff, ask Crown Records Management about Information Governance as a Service. Our offering includes:

An Information Governance Maturity Assessment and creation of Action Plan
Appraisal of your categorisation, classification and retention landscape, and provide a set of recommendations for implementing best practice
A high level privacy and data protection assessment with guidelines for improvement
Access to our specialists either on are on-site or if you just need a quick answer by phone
At least two IG reviews throughout the year focused on your policies and practices
Support throughout the year (Cyber, eDisclosure, Repository, Storage and Compliance)

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