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With GDPR set to go into effect in May. Now is the time for businesses to not only prepare to comply with the regulation but also to ready themselves to deal with the possibility of a flood of ‘right to be forgotten’ requests.

A survey undertaken by Crown Records Management provided an insight into consumers awareness and attitudes towards GDPR. Showing citizens are more aware of their digital footprint and how it can affect their lives.

Businesses will need to know what data they have, where it is, how it can be accessed and how it can be edited

GDPR Consumer Infographic

GDPR is not only about avoiding big fines but also how you can benefit from the changes.
Prepare with 10 ways to make GDPR work for your business.

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  1. Consumers understand their right to remove/edit their data. With our GDPR policies in place we have had requests which are manageable.

  2. Great infographic! Crown Records Management have really helped me understand what the regulation means for my business and from a consumer point of view.

  3. A really interesting infographic. It is surprising how many consumers understand GDPR and would want their data to be edited or deleted.