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It’s important to remember that not all dark data is sitting somewhere ominously in the shadows, taking up server space.

Information hidden in dark data could inspire new products or services of the future or at the very least provide useful insight.

Discover six ways to shine a light on dark data, and get some real value from it

  1. Use File Level Analysis software, to analyse the content of data rather than just its creation and expiry date. It can help a business understand information content, type, size and location.
  2. Map data sources generated by internal systems or received from external sources – this is about documenting ‘where’ and ‘why’ the data lives and how it was derived.
  3. Have an Information Governance programme in place supported by the most senior management levels and practiced every day.
  4. Plan to delete data from a database at specified times in the future. Even if you retain responsibly it’s easy to run out of time. Adjust your backup and disaster recovery plans so they no longer backup copies of unnecessary data.
  5. Talk and communicate with people because not everything will be officially documented or known about. Work-arounds and short-term fixes often become routine in the business place, so make people aware of the impact of not being able to manage everyone’s data effectively. It affects everyone.
  6. Take an Information Audit. It provides an integrated overview of current conditions and highlights potential improvements. Helping you to identify and control risks, preventing breaches and avoiding costly penalties.
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