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Improve Productivity

Ten tips to prepare the NHS for a paperless future – at a more realistic pace

By Dominic Johnstone

Although Jeremy Hunt has remained optimistic about the ‘paperless NHS’ target of 2020 set out in the NHS Five Year […]

Information Audit

EU General Data Protection

Find out how an Information Audit can benefit your business

By Admin

Take a look at our latest video explaining how an information audit can benefit your business. The video looks at: […]

Active Digital Preservation

Webinar – Protecting the Value of Long-Term Digital Information

By Admin

In this webinar will discuss the value of Long-term digital information and protecting it. Presented by Dominic Johnstone, Head of […]

EU General Data Protection

Webinar: The Importance of Staff Training and Data Protection Officers

By Admin

The new EU data protection laws are on the way, but how do you prepare? Whilst policies and procedures can […]

Flexible Working

15 Most Exciting Gadgets Launching In 2017

By Ann Sellar

With all the new technology arising and new agile ways of working staff can now access more information anywhere and […]

Cost Reduction

Finding the Right Information in your Stockpiled Content!

By Admin

Join this informative webinar on Thursday, 9th March, 2017 2-3 pm British Time (GMT) We’ve all been there – it’s […]

Flexible Working

Why shouldn’t I keep paper documents?

By Andrew Ryan

It’s time to let go of Reams of paper With the digital universe currently doubling every two years, don’t let […]

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