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In this brave new (digital) world, businesses have a choice: live in information chaos or information opportunity?

With just over ten years’ experience in media and technology, I’ve worked across EMEA and operated as a journalist and then, subsequently, in sales divisions for media publishing houses and digital agencies.

I’ve been an observer of how digital disruption can create opportunities and challenges and, as someone who has both created – and sold – information, I can attest to the power of Bill Gates’s coinage: ‘Content is King’. That much may still be true, but in an always-on world, where complex legislation and the pursuit of growth collide, it’s crucial to have informed partners.

Businesses, old and new, have a choice as to whether they want to live in a world of information opportunity or information chaos. As a part of the Crown Records Management new business team, I hope to shed some light that facilitates that decision.

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Digital Transformation

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