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We are approaching the future with a huge amount of enthusiasm and excitement

My career within Crown has been diverse. I joined the company in 2002 to Develop the UK portfolio. We enjoyed rapid success which culminated in the Group purchasing the former Pickfords Records Management business.

Following on from this, I had the opportunity to work in continental Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; supporting, and guiding, various countries in their desire to develop and grow their capabilities.

As the Head of the business in the UK and Ireland, my focus is very much on the changes that have affected and continue to affect our industry. Drawing upon my industry experience my role requires us to constantly review our proposition, providing services that address what is important to our customers. Crown’s future success will depend on how we retain our relevance in the Information Management marketplace.

This is a challenging time to be in the Records and Information Management business and we approach the future with a huge amount of enthusiasm and excitement.

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