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The technological world is changing, therefore we need to we need to think of destruction beyond just paper

Since 2005 I have worked in secure destruction and Records Management, these expertise have been crafted at Iron Mountain, SITA and Crown Records Management.

My career started as a telesales agent, I then moved up into field sales and lastly corporate sales and account Management. Field experience along with sector knowledge has lead me to my current position whereby I develop the go to market strategy and operational delivery for secure destruction in the UK and Ireland.

Confidential destruction was historically known as ‘waste or recycling’ but this has changed over the years as businesses and people learn the true value of the data. In secure destruction am interested in the data on the paper, not the paper its self. To ensure the data at the end of its lifecycle is destroyed so it cannot be used in a fraudulent manner.
The world is changing and technology is moving, paper is still a huge part of our business and personal life but how many more additional devices do we carry that hold data? So we need to think destruction beyond paper.

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