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With all the new technology arising and new agile ways of working staff can now access more information anywhere and on multiple devices.

As new technologies become part of our everyday life, our workplaces are following suit.

Organisations are upgrading to work smarter and more efficient but what is happening to the old technology? With devises being replaced and updated the critical information that is still holding/containing has to be the first consideration for any organisation.

Moving forward is an exciting experience for any organisation and staff, but we have to think careful and plan how organisations are going to protect themselves from a breach or information being obtained fraudulently.

My key tips are:

  1. Ensure you choose an accredited and reputable company
  2. Said company provide you with an audit trail
  3. A certificate of destruction confirming the destructions process
  4. Make sure your materials are recycled where possible

See this great article from Business Insider that looks at ‘15 most exciting gadgets launching in 2017’.

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