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You would have had to have spent the last six months hidden under the bed covers – with the television off – not to have noticed that the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force in May.

But just because everybody seems to know about it doesn’t mean they know what to do about it.

The key for businesses as they desperately rush to get ready for the big day when it comes into force – which is May 25 – is to think not only about how they avoid the big fines facing poorly-prepared companies but also to consider how they can benefit from the process.

Discover 10 facts on how you can make GDPR work for your business

10 Facts about GDPR -
1. Over a third of people plan to be more selective about who they permit to use personal information post-GDPR

2. A quarter of people will definitely ask companies to edit or delete their data when GDPR comes into force

3. A third of people will only give their personal data to companies they trust post-GDPR

4. 42% of people say they are very likely to ask companies to edit or delete their financial, banking and credit card information after GDPR comes into force

5. Seven in 10 people would consider asking companies to edit or delete their personal data when GDPR comes into force

6. A quarter of the public say they are very likely to ask companies to edit or delete basic information such as their name, address or date of birth under GDPR rules

7. More than 3 in 4 people say they would either probably or definitely withdraw their custom from a company that has suffered a data breach

8. Three-quarters of people say the reputation of a company would suffer for 1-2 years after a data breach

9. Two-thirds of people say they are likely to ask a company to delete their data from marketing or mailing lists post-GDPR

10. Just 1 in 8 people don’t think a company’s reputation would be damaged by a data breach

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